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Natural bilingualism

Happy Kids’ Academy implements a bilingual program based on the immersion method, i.e. “immersion” in the language. This is the most natural way to learn a language. In addition to the Polish-speaking teacher, an English-speaking teacher works in each pre-school group. An English-speaking teacher conducts methodological classes and accompanies other activities: games, walks, meals, artistic and physical activities.

Language immersion is one of the methods of working in bilingual institutions for children. It involves introducing the child to the world of a foreign language, without explanations and translations in the mother tongue. This is how the method got its name – children xc zimmersed in a foreign language. Children learn the language intuitively, carefully observing the surroundings and situations, the description of which in a given language they take naturally – they observe and remember. The process is analogous to learning the mother tongue. This method of learning can be compared to the situation of learning a language in a bilingual family, where one of the parents communicates in Polish, for example, and the other – in English.

The immersion method is considered to be one of the most effective in teaching children a foreign language. Its effectiveness is influenced by surrounding the child with a foreign language and, more importantly, using a language as a tool for learning about the world, and not treating a language as a teaching goal in itself. The attention of children is not devoted to repeating words and phrases, a foreign language is acquired involuntarily during the learning process, e.g. by learning about the changes taking place in nature when spring comes. Interestingly, in this way, children have the opportunity to absorb a much greater amount of vocabulary than in traditional classes.