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– about the rhythm of online classes via zoom

Classes with Ms Kasia – a revelation. Kasia is a great person, she can interest children, and by following them, she communicates everything she has planned, and yet she is so spontaneous and pleasant. A real educator by vocation. I am delighted with these classes, but I also saw from the children that despite the microphones turned on, I could only hear singing and each child was staring at the screen focused.
Great approach to children and working with onerself 🙂

Anna Pilarek - Mother Rysia, April 2020
– about work during an epidemic and arrangements between parents and the pre-school during the limited operation of the pre-school’
I would like to thank you and express my gratitude to you for all the work that you have done in connection with the situation, which results in the functioning of the pre-school, in my opinion, in an optimal manner depending on the current conditions.
I would also like to thank you for the adopted method of communication in the field of communication, which may serve as a model for other pre-schools in this difficult period
I would also like to express my appreciation to the owner for the way she conducted online meetings with parents, which were not easy.
Marcin Wojtaś - Ola's father, April 2020
– general opinion
We would like to thank you very much for taking care of Noyan so far. I believe that the staff are very professional but also approach the children warmly. We are very positively surprised by the entire teaching process and play plan at your pre-school. Noyan adapted very quickly and was happy.
Once again, thank you very much for this pleasant and fruitful time for our child. On our behalf, please thank the ladies from the group again.
We greet and wish you success in further teaching the kids.
Monika Çolpan - Mama Noyan, March 2020
In the nursery it is so clean and colorful, the children are smiling – I was a few times and I always saw the children smiling.
Magdalena Grabna – Mother of Larisa, April 2015
Nursery with a family atmosphere, everyone knows everyone, run by people with a passion.
Jacek Adamiak – Father of Paulie, November 2014
We chose Happy Kids’ Academy due to the positive feedback from friends and the information contained on the internet. We’re absolutely, as parents believe that the care is excellent, and our baby is developing properly.
Przemyslaw Smolenski – Father of Casper, November 2014
Very friendly, competent staff, open to the needs of children and parents, Training and constantly evolving.
Very good atmosphere.
Lots of interesting extra-curricular activities.
English Immersion.
Agata Groszek – Mother of Nastki, November 2014
– about online classes via zoom

By the way, I would like to thank you very much for the on-line classes. Ms Ola W. runs them phenomenally, the children are very curious and involved. Ms Ola interacts with all children very quickly, she reacts very quickly to any desire on the part of the children to express themselves. The classes are very enjoyable, interesting, cheerful and positive.

Wojtek's mother, April 2020
– about remote learning and how to operate during the limited operation of the pre-school
I am always full of admiration for the girls openness, flexibility and
attention to ensuring the highest standards! We are very much with my husband
pleased with the choice of Happy Kids’ Academy, and this type of situations only strengthen us🙂
Agata Kowalik-Zydek, Mama Oliier, April 2020
Dear Director
We would like to express our sincere thanks for looking after our son Radek in the broad sense of the word.

At your facility, we received a very warm welcome, respect for both children and parents. Excellent communication, with the staff, openness to suggestions and willingness to cooperate gave us parents the feeling that our child’s matters are important to everyone.

I would also like to express my special thanks to Mrs. Ewa, who was able to adjust the style and pace of learning for each child individually, which translated into great results on the exams for school. Her commitment, professionalism as well as the warmth and attention she devoted to children meant that Radek constantly remembers the pre-school as the best adventure, and during the school year, the greatest punishment was the fact that he would not go to the pre-schoolc no longer…. .

Therefore, I congratulate the Owners on the selection of staff, and I wish you all good luck in your professional life and satisfaction with the results achieved.

Warm greetings.

Monika and Bartłomiej Jurek Radek's parents, July 2016
We are pleased to recommend you to the kindergarten Happy Kids’ Academy. It’s a place where there are no worries; you can leave your children and make sure that the time they spend here is a valuable education time. They are provided with caregivers who are passionate about their duties. Happy Kids’ Academy not only declares that it teaches bilingual, but in fact it does. Infact, however, no less important, the nursery is a place where passing over the threshold a child is met with so much warmth and acceptance, they need to as a confident man to face the world and the challenges in front of him will.
Aneta Grzegrzułka-Kanik, Independent Representative Usborne, January 2015
Preschool is child-friendly, with a fantastic teaching staff.
Leszek Grochowski – Father of Philip, November 2014
Happy Kids’ Academy – I would recommend to any parent who is looking for a friendly, modern, open to the diversity of each child, kindergarten.
Wonderful, family atmosphere, modern meeting and new toys, but above all highly qualified and experienced teaching staff.
Our baby loves to come here to learn, but has very good fun.
I would recommend to anyone, a great nursery.
Agnieszka Sokolnicka – Mother of Anna and Olga, November 2014