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Teachers with passion

Our teachers were selected in terms of their approach to children, pedagogical and didactic skills. The key in the selection of our full-time teachers and teachers of extra-curricular activities were the passion for the profession, to work with children. Thanks to this, we want children to be provided with excellent care by people who treat them as partners and in an individual way, and that the time spent in the pre-school is interesting and attractively prepared. Therefore, our entire staff is a team of people who with joy and commitment do their work, which is their passion.

Our teachers choose a proven curricula, as well as look for modern methods of work and systematically improve their workshop by taking part in trainings. All this so that the children entrusted to us in our care are provided with an attractive modern curriculum and joyfully enter our pre-school every day. Hence, we often hear, when picking up a child from school, how the child asks a parent if he or she can stay in pre-school for longer.