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Healthy eating

Guided by the utmost care for the children from our kindergarten, we paid special attention to nutrition. We realize that rational nutrition and installing correct eating habits on a daily basis are the basis for building children’s immunity and health in the future. That is why our meals are well-balanced, ensuring the child’s proper growth, development and well-being. They also provide the right amount of energy needed while learning and playing. Healthy eating for children means not only wholesome, tasty meals, but also the daily development of their culinary preferences and diversity.

We provide meals for children with all types of food, eliminating, vegan and vegetarian allergies, as well as religious diets.
We work with an intimate catering company Bella-Vita, which cooks with love and care for the most demanding gourmets – children.

We chose Bella-Vita because:

  • Uses high-quality products and the fruits and vegetables come from a local farmer.
  • Cares for the seasonality of products. In winter, they use a large amount of silage, which has a huge impact on immunity and health.
  • Mayonnaise, vegetable pastes, fish pastes, egg pastes, cottage cheese pastes, pancakes, noodles are home made.
  • They compose all kinds of muesli, nut mixes, almonds and granola by themself.
  • They do not buy minced meat, they grind the meat directly.
  • They cook soup and stocks using fresh vegetables.
  • Enriches the taste of many dishes with herbs from all over the world; thanks to this, children discover the flavors of Polish, Italian, Chinese, Eastern and Mexican cuisine.
  • Offers a diet rich in legumes, from which they make breakfast spreads themself; they add healthy sunflower or pumpkin seeds to many dishes.
  • They do not sweeten food and drinks, but only sweeten with dates, honey from Polish apiaries or dried fruit.
  • For breakfast, they serve wholesome bread, and afternoon tea is diversified with salads, vegetable pancakes, baked banana and carrots.

Shaping proper eating habits is very important to us, which is why we cooperate with Dietanova – the Association for a good diet, promoting proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Together with Dietanov, we diversify our menu and organize educational workshops for children, Masters of Cooking.

Cooking Masters is an educational program aimed at shaping correct eating habits by introducing children to the world of culinary adventure. The first self-preparation of a dish is also a great way to develop motor skills and creativity in children.
During each class, children prepare and eat a delicious dish together, the main characters of which are seasonal products.