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Healthy eating

Guided by the utmost care for the children from our kindergarten, we paid special attention to nutrition. We realize that rational nutrition and installing correct eating habits on a daily basis are the basis for building children’s immunity and health in the future. That is why our meals are well-balanced, ensuring the child’s proper growth, development and well-being. They also provide the right amount of energy needed while learning and playing. Healthy eating for children means not only wholesome, tasty meals, but also the daily development of their culinary preferences and diversity.

We provide meals for children with all types of food, eliminating, vegan and vegetarian allergies, as well as religious diets.
We work with an intimate family catering company called Peł Brzuszek which cooks with love and care for the most demanding gourmets – children.
The owners – mother and daughter, Ewa Gawrońska and Agata Gwiazdowska combine passion for cooking with love for children. They mostly shop themselves, choosing the highest quality ingredients in order to obtain the freshness of the dishes and the refined taste. As chefs, they prepare dishes with care for every child and the aesthetics of serving.

Agata Gwiazdowska was the youngest participant of ‘Hell’s Kitchen’, she worked, among others in the Warsaw restaurant ‘Belvedere’, former sous chef of the restaurant ‘Lif’, executive chef in the restaurant ‘Wino & Friends’, head of the Warsaw catering ‘KIK fit catering’, she was the chef of the Qatar Embassy and the entire royal family, in 2016 she was the youngest chef in Poland.
Participant of many culinary shows all over the country, author of many culinary columns on the healthy diet of a child. Participant of television and radio programs as an expert in nutrition, especially for young children, and running her own kitchen. Full of fresh ideas, with great commitment and professionalism, she supervises the culinary effects of her dream kitchen.

We chose Pełny Brzuszek because:

  • The menu is rich in vegetables and fruit, maintaining their seasonality.

  • Provide a variety of groats, natural pure flakes, mixed rice, a variety of flours, including wholemeal and whole grain pasta.

  • Prepare their own pastes, hummus, pates, roasted meat for sandwiches – poultry, pork loin, makes dumplings, noodles and cakes by themselves.

  • Compose all kinds of muesli, nut mixes, almonds and granola by themselves.

  • Use a lot of herbs, in season – fresh, nuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, linseed powder and dried fruits: raisins, apricots, plums, figs.

  • Cook soups and stocks using fresh vegetables.

  • Children’s diet is rich in high-quality protein products: legumes, fresh eggs and fish.

  • Serve pickled products, especially in winter.

  • Do not use sugar, use molasses, honey from Polish apiaries or date syrup.

  • For breakfast, they serve wholesome bread, and afternoon tea is varied with salads, vegetable pancakes or their own healthy pastries.

  • Buy lean pork, beef, veal, rabbits and poultry (chicken, turkey, duck, goose) carefully selected from reliable suppliers, never mass-produced.

  • Do not use any flavor enhancers or highly processed products.

  • Minimize salt by replacing it with natural spices such as cumin, marjoram, thyme and other herbs.

  • Use rapeseed, linseed and olive oil.

  • Mostly use their own preserves, such as jam, stewed apples, delicate beetroots, tomato puree.

Each day brings something new, we are inspired by smells, colors and flavors. Pełny Brzuszek not only cares for the full bellies of children, but also tries to support parents and teachers in developing their child’s awareness through the ‘EAT HEALTHY AND COLORFULLY’ program. Pełny Brzuszek introduced its original program to menu:

Food tours around the world – on one day a month, children can travel to another country and enjoy a menu specific to that country or region.

Seasonal vegetable or fruit week – this week the child has the opportunity to like the proposed vegetable or fruit prepared in various forms. For this purpose, educational materials for parents and teachers are additionally prepared.