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Teachers with passion

Our staff is selected for their approach to children, teaching skills and teaching. The key in the selection of our full-time teachers and teachers of extracurricular activities is a passion for their profession, to work with children. We want children to be provided with excellent care by people who treat them as partners and in an individual way. To ensure the time spent in the kindergarten is interesting and prepared in an attractive way.

Our teachers choose a proven curricula, and the selection of proven curriculum to the children entrusted to the care who are never bored with joy exceed the thresholds of our nursery every day.
Teachers take part in regular training in order to explore innovative ways of working with children and improve their methodological skills. All this so that the children entrusted to us in our care are provided with an attractive modern curriculum and joyfully enter our pre-school every day.

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Monika Bajko

Pre-school director

Ms Monika started her professional work in a pre-school in 2008 and since then she has been cooperating with Warsaw pre-schools, both network and smaller ones. She has 12 years of experience working as a pre-school director.

Ms Monika enjoys the observation of children, their behavior, logic and directness. Working in this profession is a great passion, and observing the development of a child gives her a lot of satisfaction.

A graduate of the Świętokrzyska Academy in Kielce, where she completed three-year pedagogical undergraduate studies in the field of Early School and Pre-School Education with teaching English and the Pedagogical University of the Society of Universal Knowledge, where she obtained a master’s degree in Preschool Pedagogy with Speech Therapy. In 2012, she completed a qualification course for Managerial Staff – Management in Education at the Teacher Training Center.

In the course of her work, she also improved on courses and training:

* Academy of Directors Trainer: Łukasz Bieliński How to communicate effectively in a difficult situation based on the model of the Nonviolent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg

* Directors Development Program Trainer: Anna Dobieszewska and Dominika Kanik-Kliczko 7-month development program for Kindergarten Directors

* Nazywanie świat Nazywanie świat – A different method of learning to write and read by Dr. Irena Majchrzak

* Glottodidaktyka 1st degree training Glottodidaktyka prof. dr. hab. Bronisław Rocławski

Privately, a mother of two sons, motherhood is her greatest challenge and adventure. He likes steeplechase, books and traveling.

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Polish teacher

Kinga is a teacher of Preschool and Early School Education. She graduated from the University of Warsaw. Previously, she studied national security at the Military University of Technology. She enjoys being with children, accompanying them in learning new skills and building self-confidence. Being a teacher is a demanding job that gives a lot of satisfaction and joy.

Kinga likes reading psychology and education books, as well as NVC books. In addition, she loves listening to music, playing board games, cycling, good mood, summer in the countryside, grandma’s broth and potted flowers that make her apartment green.


Polish teacher

Weronika is in the process of writing her master’s thesis at the Academy of Special Pedagogy, majoring in Education and Early School Pedagogy. Her mission in working with kindergartens is to provide them with space for physical activity, free exploration and contact with nature.

Weronika attends seminars and training on:

• Aggression,

• I’m OK the way I am,

• The art of speaking inspired by the principles of Jesper Juul,

• Non-violent communication.

Additionally, she participated in mathematics and sensory courses. At work, he follows the principle “a dirty child is a happy child”. Apart from working in the kindergarten, Weronika is interested in analogical photography, camping and mountain walks.


teacher assistant

Ada has been working with children since 2021, she started working at the SOTIS Autism Therapy Center with children aged 3-4, and in 2023 she joined the Happy Kids’ Academy team.

She completed her master’s degree in psychology at SWPS University, which allowed her to better understand and support children’s development. I regularly update my knowledge during various training courses, which allows me to provide high-quality work.

He works using the NVC approach and positive discipline, which create an atmosphere that supports children in discovering their own potential and building healthy relationships with their surroundings.


English teacher

Irene – in 2017 she obtained a bachelor’s degree in English and German Philology from Izmail University. In 2018, she came to Poland, where she started working as an English teacher in kindergarten groups.

Since 2022, she has been associated with Happy Kids Academy. Irene is interested in psychology and photography, loves animals, and has worked as a volunteer in shelters.


English teacher

Tsitsi is from Zimbabwe, where she obtained her bachelor’s degree from Midlands State University in 2017. She continues her education in Poland, currently studying nursing at the WSEI Academy. In Zimbabwe, from 2019 to 2022, she worked at the Jack and Jill Hime kindergarten in the Montessori spirit. In 2023, she conducted additional English classes for primary school students and participated in many training courses for teachers. In her free time, Tsi loves cooking, and during classes she likes to introduce her other passions – dancing and singing.


English teacher assistant

Leyla is from Azerbaijan, where she completed her first university education and gained her initial teaching experience. Currently pursuing her master’s degree at UNS University in Poland, Leyla also has a background in dance and music education alongside her role as a kindergarten teacher. For Leyla, having children accompany her on this journey brings great happiness.

Since 2019, she has been teaching kindergarten, during that time she has made each child feel special and valued. Her communication with children focuses on understanding their individual needs and interests. Discovering each student’s unique personality and supporting their achievements in the learning process is a priority for her. Throughout this process, Leyla aims to earn the children’s trust and encourage them to learn in a fun and supportive environment.


Polish teacher

Malgorzata is a teacher with early school and preschool education qualifications.

A graduate of the Warsaw University of Economics. He is currently pursuing a master’s degree in marketing management at Collegium Humanum in Warsaw.

For the last three years she has been working in an English-speaking Montessori kindergarten. She was also a teacher in two private language schools.

She has experience in working with nursery-age children and teenagers. Regardless of the age of the students, her approach is based on the Montessori system. He tries to develop their independence and individuality. It encourages independent thinking and the ability to express one’s own opinion. It teaches you how to talk about your own emotions and how to see them in others.

He is interested in psychology and art. He likes spending time in nature with friends and family. She spends her free time developing her greatest passion, which is dancing.


Polish teacher

Maria is a student of preschool and early school pedagogy. She has the qualifications of a nursery carer.

She has over 8 years of experience in caring for children in nurseries and kindergartens.

As a kindergarten and nursery teacher, Marysia is full of creativity, empathy and patience. He is excellent at building relationships with children, adapting teaching methods to their individual needs and abilities.

Marysia’s work is based on fun, developing social skills and supporting the emotional and intellectual development of the youngest students. She is committed to creating a friendly and safe environment in which every child has a chance to develop and achieve success.

Marysia is interested in pedagogy, and in her free time she likes to spend time with her family or be very active – she likes cycling, swimming at the pool and dancing.


special educator

more information soon


speech therapist

Aleksandra is a speech therapist with teaching qualifications, a myofunctional therapist, a speech therapist, and a provider of auditory training using the Neuroflow method.

She completed postgraduate qualifying speech therapy studies at the University of Management in Warsaw (currently: Management Academy of Applied Sciences in Warsaw). Currently undergoing neurospeech therapy studies, specializing in “Early speech therapy intervention – Neurospeech therapy of infants and children”.

She gained her experience in working with children by patiently pursuing her goal. At the beginning, working as a caregiver at a local child care point. Then she conducted music and logorhythmic classes in kindergartens and nurseries, while simultaneously studying. After obtaining the title of speech therapist, she started working in private kindergartens, a specialized children’s clinic under the National Health Fund and private offices and therapy centers, where she sees children, adolescents and adults with a very wide range of speech therapy and myofunctional difficulties.

Aleksandra looks at each patient carefully. She tries to provide him with the best possible care and select therapy to suit his individual needs.

Her work is guided by the thought of Janusz Korczak: “If you can diagnose a child’s joy and its intensity, you must see that the highest joy is the joy of overcoming a difficulty, a goal achieved, a secret discovered. The joy of triumph and the happiness of independence, self-control and domination.

She wants to help the youngest reach new peaks and be their guide in discovering new skills and overcoming difficulties.

Aleksandra deals with:

• diagnosis and therapy of articulation disorders in children, adolescents and adults
• speech therapy consultations
• diagnosis and therapy of myofunctional disorders (also in people with orthodontic problems – before and during treatment)
• therapy for children on the autism spectrum
• speech therapy for children with delayed speech development
• speech therapy prevention and conducting logorrhythmic classes
• diagnosis and auditory therapy according to the Neuroflow ATS ® method



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kasia rytmika kw


rhythm instructor

Kasia is a rhythmics instructor, a graduate of the Academy of Music in Warsaw. She gained professional experience in nurseries, pre-schools, including integration pre-school, and in primary school, conducting rhythmic and music classes and exercises using the Good Start method (as part of the dyslexia prevention program). Contact with children throughout the period of their intensive development – from a toddler under two years of age to a student – was for Kasia an opportunity to learn about the needs of children of different ages, their reactions and behavior. Thanks to these experiences, during her classes she can support not only the development of children’s musical abilities, but also their emotional and psychophysical development.
Privately, she is a wife and mother of five children. She enjoys reading, riding a bike, picking mushrooms and solving logical puzzles.

Vocational education:
Academy of Music Fryderyk Chopin in Warsaw
Major: Music Education

Completed courses:

• 16th National Music Workshops of the Carl Orff Society
• 14th National Music Workshops of the Carl Orff Society.
• 12th National Music Workshops of the Carl Orff Society.
• Active listening to music by Batti Strauss part. II
• The Development Movement Method by Weronika Sherborne part. AND
• Good Start Method part. III – supervision
• Good Start Method part. II
• Good Start Method part. AND
• Workshops “Understanding autism”
• Conference “A student with Asperger Syndrome in an inclusive class”
• Course: The use of music classes in the prevention of students with disabilities.
• Dance, movement and space in the four seasons of the year.
• Integration dances.
• Greek folk dances for everyone.
• Fairy-tale therapy workshops.
• Educational course for parents of children with ADHD.
• A course for summer camp educators. “

Ricardo zdjecie

Ricardo Scooby Doo

Capoeira gymnastics instructor


Ricardo was born in Rio de Janeiro, and he has been capoeira training from 6 years of age. Contra- Capoeira Master. Actor and musician (playing the berimbau, atabaque, pandeiro, agogo), dancer Makulele and Samba. Dance practiced in Brazil since1987.
He created his own curriculum Capoeira for children. IMKA actor Theatre in Warsaw and he participated in the project, Germinal Mel ‘, by 2011. He Worked in the group Capoeira Liberdade as Professor in graduation Contra-Master.

Contra-Master in Capoeira. Actor and musician (playing the berimbau, atabaque, pandeiro, agogo), dancer Makulele and Samba.

Practice since 1987 (in Brazil). Experience:
* The project, Germinal Mel ‘2001-2005
* Lasting 18 years working in the group Capoeira Liberdade, till 2011 as a professor, currently in graduation Contra-Master
* NGO “Corpo Movement”, as Professor and Director of Capoeira. Asset Management
* Regular demonstrations in front of an audience, participation in films and other artistic projects

* 2004 – Course Teaching Children – Government

Foundation in Rio Esporte
* 2003 – Teaching Capoeira and Brazilian Folklore – Foundation in Rio Esporte
* 2002 – Physical Education / Capoeira