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Premises conditions

Friendly space

The pre-schools rooms are spacious and bright, well lit with natural light. The interiors were designed by the architect in such a way as to inspire action, stimulate the imagination, create a friendly environment for fun and study, and stimulate positive emotions.

Space should be a backdrop for children’s development. It should not dominate, but provide a sense of comfort and conditions for exercising imagination and aesthetics. The interior should not have excess stimuli.

For this purpose, the colors of the rooms are subdued, so as not to distract the child, with a few stronger color accents. The toys and children’s clothes themselves introduce a lot of color stimuli. We also try to use as many light wooden furniture as possible, as well as toys and educational aids made of wood and in subdued colors, aesthetically made. We are close to Scandinavian aesthetics.
The entire space of the kindergarten is safe and modern and is conducive to learning, development and fun.

The pre-school premises is located in a modern, intimate, cascading office and service building with wooden terraces and spacious windows.
Designed with panache and breath, surrounded by greenery, with extensive common spaces and places for recreation. With parking lots, changing rooms and showers for cyclists. Designed at the European level of architecture by the best Polish architectural studio JEMS Architekci.
A simple, light structure with bright and spacious interiors.
The pre-schhol has a large space of 403 m2 with spacious and bright rooms.

In the pre-school there are:
• four classrooms,
• a movement room,
• a room for work with a speech therapist or for individual work
• bathrooms adapted to each group,
• kitchen and social facilities,
• cloakroom.

The garden
The pre-school has its own garden with an area of ​​280 m2.

Car parking
For parents who bring their children by car, there is a free 20-minute rotary car park in the garage, under the kindergarten premises. ”