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Emotional intelligence

Our mission is to develop emotional intelligence in children.

By creating the Happy Kids’ Academy pre-school in 2011, we wanted to offer children something valuable, which would be their basis for life. Hence the choice of such a mission – the development of emotional intelligence in children.

The development of emotional intelligence is extremely important for a child in the period from pre-school age to school readiness, and it is this type of intelligence that is largely responsible for further life successes. Therefore, the main thought when creating the pre-school was to create a place where the child could shape his emotional awareness in a friendly environment.

Our activities on the development of emotions in a child are carried out on many levels – in everyday work with the child, staff and parents. Taking care of the development of the child’s emotions, we shape their communication and social skills and strengthen the child’s self-esteem, working on the basis of the original pre-school program for the development of emotional and social skills.

The originality and quality of our program was noticed by the KOPD (Committee for the Protection of Children’s Rights), which in 2015 awarded us with a Toddler-Friendly Kindergarten certificate, and thus we found ourselves among the 4 best kindergartens in the Mazowieckie district.

Our mission was also noticed and awarded the Warsaw education price by the jury ‘Janusz Korczak’. We were awarded in 2019 as a pre-school that promotes the idea of ​​an open, wise, friendly and creative kindergarten – a place where the needs of pupils and their parents are noticed.

We want children to happily go through life and be ready for new challenges – hence our name: Happy Kids’ Academy.