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Author’s program of emotional intelligence

Happy Kids’ Academy has developed an author’s program of shaping emotional and social skills in pre-school children. Based on the curriculum, the pre-school carries out its mission of developing emotional intelligence in children.

Pre-school age is the time when a child gains new knowledge and skills most effectively, so it is so important to create the right conditions and provide an atmosphere conducive to shaping emotional intelligence skills.

Emotional intelligence includes emotional and social competences.

  • recognize their emotions and manage them,
  • set and achieve positive goals,
  • show concern and interest in others,

  • provide help and ask for help,
  • build and develop positive relationships with others,
  • make friends,
  • solve conflicts and problems constructively and with respect for the other person,
  • deal effectively with difficult situations.

We can define socio-emotional competences as communication skills, recognizing and managing our emotions, building good relationships with others, setting and achieving positive goals, as well as limiting destructive or aggressive behavior.