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Cooperation with parents

We value the active cooperation and openness of parents in order to determine the best individual path of a child’s development.

We believe that children, parents and the teachers are one community, in which there is cooepration, openess, trust and mutual respect.

We are happy when parents participate in the life of pre-school and we enable parents to participate in such activities by organizing activities such as: reading a book by a parent in pre-school, talking about their profession or passion, cooperation on any topic, participation in holiday and educational workshops, participation in a family picnic and similar activities.

Communication with parents takes place as follows:

  • Parents receive current information about their child’s activity during the day directly from the tutor.

  • Once a month, parents receive a report summarizing the program by e-mail.

  • The plan with the didactic assumptions for the next month along with information about the planned events is posted on the information board.

  • Collective information on the child’s progress is provided to parents during individual meetings with the tutor and in sheets provided to parents twice a year – after the first and second semester.

  • Information on the progress in development is collected by the pre-school in the child’s personal documentation.

  • The weekly menu is displayed on the information board in the pre-school’s cloakroom as well as in the pre-school’s mobile application.

A modern platform for communication with parents at Happy Kids’ Academy.

Happy Kids’ Academy uses a modern mobile application to organize the work of the pre-school and to communicate with parents.
From the phone level, the parent can:

  • Ask a question or convey important information directly to the child’s tutor through ‘chat’.

  • Receive information from your child’s teacher, for example asking them to bring spare clothes.

  • Receive information from the director, for example about a planned event.

  • Check the menu for the week.

  • Receive photos of the life of the child’s preschool group.

  • Check the class schedule.

  • Pay the bill over the phone and download the invoice yourself.

  • View current announcements.