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Imprtant for us

We have created a safe, friendly and stimulating environment where each child is treated with dignity, trust and with an individual approach.

Important for us is:

  • creating an atmosphere that ensures your child a sense of security, so that the child feels loved, accepted and happy
  • treating a child with dignity, sensitivity, listening and speaking to him in such a way as to strengthen their self-esteem and self-confidence in action
  • adaptation of activities to support the development of the child in accordance with their individual pace

  • shaping the child’s emotional consciousness, so as to facilitate the understanding and acceptance of their own emotional experiences and mastering behavior during their experience
  • building the childs openness to ideas and inspiration coming from other people, cultures and willingness to seek new, better and original solutions
  • raising a child with a rich creative imagination capable of spontaneous expression of their feelings and thoughts
  • the development of social skills in children through effective interaction in the group
  • consciously preparing space for children’s fun in a way to encourage children to take up creative activities
  • leaving children with free play time so they are able to learn social skills