Summer Activities 2021 – Underwater world

We invite everyone to have fun during holiday activities at Happy Kids’ Academy in July and August. Your friends and acquaintances can also take part in holiday activities – children who do not attend our kindergarten on a daily basis and who are aged 4 to 6.

The main topic of summer activities 2021: Underwater world

5 – 9 July – Introduction to the subject of the underwater world
This week we will move to an almost ideal place – devoid of human intervention, beautiful and endearing with diversity – the water world. We will consider where the water world can be found, who to meet there and what a person can do to be able to admire this extraordinary world up close. We will divide the underwater world into fresh and salt waters, and we will also carry out experiments related to water.

12-16 July – In the depths of the sea
During this week, we invite preschoolers to go on a cruise on sea waters. We will get to know many interesting facts about the seas, we will learn how the ship is built and why it does not sink, who is the captain and what are his attributes, how waves are formed, why the water in the sea is salty, what is at the bottom of the sea. We will dock the ship on the nearest island, where we will try to find hidden treasures such as shells and ambers. There will also be numerous movement, music and art games. Together, we will create a model of the sea and its inhabitants as well as a sea photo booth for a holiday photo session.

19 – 23 July – The depths of the ocean
The depth of the ocean with its diversity arouses curiosity and admiration, so we will immerse ourselves in this wonderful and colorful world, getting to know the various creatures inhabiting this magical place, starting with tiny shrimps and ending with giant whales. We’ll take a look at the world’s greatest coral reefs and find out why the depths full of life are so precious.

26 – 30 July – Underwater world in fairy tales and legends
This week, preschoolers will have the opportunity to set off into the magical world of underwater fairy tales and legends. Among other things, they will tame many sea creatures and sing like mythical mermaids. They will create their own version of the Loch Ness Monster to finally find out how much truth there is in the rumors about him.

August 2 – 6 – From the source to the mouth of the river
This week we will go on a river cruise. We will discover where and where it flows from and what its route looks like. We will find out how important role rivers play in nature and check if there is anything there. We will also look at the longest rivers in the world. We will compare their fauna and flora with rivers flowing in Poland.

August 9 – 13 – The fascinating world of lakes and ponds
This week we’ll find out that the lake and the pond are surface waters. We will consider what are the differences between these two water reservoirs. We will also consider what importance they have in the human economy. We will compare lakes and ponds to large aquariums and check if anyone lives there.

August 16 – 20 – The cycle of water in nature and its measurement
This week we will talk about where water comes from, where it can be found and in what states it occurs. Preschoolers will learn about water measurement. They will check whether the amount of water depends on the size of the container it was poured into. They will also learn about the concept of 1 liter.

August 23 – 27 – we will repeat all the holiday news.
As part of holiday activities, we provide:
• Professional kindergarten staff
• An intimate and homely atmosphere during the holidays
• Good housing conditions
• Bilingualism – English and Polish-speaking teacher
• Lots of outdoor activities
• Opening hours 7.30 – 18.00
• Thematic classes
• Workshops related to the topics discussed
• Full board: breakfast, lunch and two afternoon teas
• Lots of fun

Price for summer activities: 1 day – PLN 70

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